Friday, October 28, 2016

10/27/16 - Ultrasound Re-Check

Good report at the doctor yesterday. I had an ultrasound which showed my cervix is still long and closed (3.6-4cm), and showed no signs of trying to thin or open currently. Baby is looking good and measuring a little over 4 lbs. Amniotic fluid level is looking good too.

After the ultrasound I saw Dr. Newman and he decided against the midwife's original idea of repeating the fetal fibronectin test. He said for practical purposes they'll just treat me like once positive always positive anyway. Bed rest is the only thing we have right now to be proactively on the side of caution so he said to continue the greatly reduced activity; whatever I've been doing, keep it up because it seems to be working.

The doctor also said that once I reach 35 weeks I can do pretty much whatever I want. He of course doesn't recommend trying to have the baby then, but they wouldn't intervene to stop things at that point if I went into labor. We will be 32 weeks complete tomorrow, so we have just 3 weeks to reach that next milestone (although I'm looking for longer).

Also, I've felt more pressure and discomfort in the lower belly but not in a downward way or contraction way. A little of that I attribute to the huge amount of water I've been drinking; sometimes my bladder feels uncomfortably full before I really feel the urge to pee. In addition to that though, Baby has gone from frank breech to footling breech since my last ultrasound. So I've been feeling knees and feet all down there. It's nice to see the explanation for what I've been feeling, but now we're praying that Baby will turn head down. Dr. Newman is not the slightest bit concerned about that still and said it's hardly worth even mentioning at this point. He said he fully expects Baby to get him/herself in the right position when it's time. Rodney, the ultrasound tech, also said that since it's still relatively early and there's plenty of amniotic fluid for Baby to move around in, there's plenty of time and good conditions for Baby to turn.

I trust that with all their experience they are truly not worried about a breech presentation at this stage, but I sure would feel better to know that Baby is in the optimal position, especially since we're still mindful of the possibility of things happening early. It's definitely something I'm praying about; that the Lord will ease my mind and that I will let go of the notion that it's something I can try to control.

Next appointment is 2 weeks out: November 10th.

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