Sunday, October 23, 2016

10/23/16 - Stethoscope

This is not earth-shattering news but I was messing around tonight and was able to find Baby's heart beat with a stethoscope for the first time! It was about 144 beats per minute and like music to my ears. :) 

Dad and Karen have been super helpful while they're here. They went with Richard and the kids to the commissary and got all the ingredients necessary to do some great meal prep to get us ahead to freeze for now or later, wherever the need arises. Hallelujah!

Also, since we have kept all this baby business off social media this time around, I have had to be rather strategic in my picture posts. Ava is often my go-to belly blocker. :)

This is the most recent picture of myself I posted on Facebook. Just shy of 32 weeks pregnant.

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