Friday, October 14, 2016

10/14/16 - Second shot

So I rose to find the tiniest bit of blood on the toilet paper after using the bathroom this morning. It was seriously barely visible but with this other stuff going on I made a note of it and emailed a picture to myself. I went in to L&D for the second steroid shot around 3:30pm. My bp was 109/60. Baby's heart rate was in the 140s. I had had a chance to read and process and come up with a bunch of questions between yesterday and today and was able to get some more solid guidelines for my "limited activity" from the labor and delivery nurse. She said if we had stairs (which we don't) she would limit using them to down in the morning, up at night. Complete "pelvic rest" -aka no sexual activity of any kind. Take a shower, rest. Make a sandwich, rest. Whip up a quick, easy dinner, rest. Leave the dishes, chores, etc to everyone else in the house. Lying down is better than even just sitting for the common sense idea that you want to keep pressure off the cervix. So basically 80% bed rest at home. 
Here's a picture of the monitor from when I was waiting a while to get the second steroid shot. Top number is Baby's heart rate. Very bottom line is contractions (not having any).

I will be 30 weeks complete tomorrow. The short term goal is to reach 32 weeks, at which time my go-to hospital is fully equipped to handle babies at that early gestation without the need to transfer out for a higher stage NICU. The longer term goal is to reach at least 36 weeks. The ideal goal is reach 37+weeks, which would be considered truly full term.

So, this weekend will entail preparing the kids, pantry, fridge, and furniture arrangement to accommodate me living and directing daily operations from the couch. Thankfully, though surely not coincidentally, Richard has a four-day weekend this weekend, so he is off work today and Monday. 

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