Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Waiting...

Well we are 99% organized and settled in our home and with all the things I needed to reestablish on post. I have the girls' information updated with the childcare people so I can start to use some hourly care. I have gotten back into PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), which is a weekly praise, worship, and Bible study time for ladies here. I have also gotten back into the routine of working out with a couple friends Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It's good accountability, good workouts, good friend time. They have kids too so it's a fun time for all.
We're still waiting to hear "for sure" about when Rich will be coming home. All through this deployment he has been prepared for/planning on coming home on the trail party (last guys) because of the jobs he's held for this whole year. Now, someone new may be changing things around, which could mean he'd come home main body (with most of the other soldiers). That would be great for us (heck yeah, come home at a year instead of adding a couple extra weeks!) but not great for him as he is the best one for the job of staying to wrap things up and has been almost looking forward to doing this part of the job he has worked and prepared so long and hard for. The one deciding was supposed to make up his mind by today but still hasn't so we're still waiting to find out.
Ava has been talking a lot about all the things she and Rich are gonna do when he gets home. "When Daddy gets home we're gonna play basketball, and baseball, and football, and soccer, and golf, and go for a run! We're gonna have so much fun!" Raina, of course, has no clue.
We just got done Skyping with Rich for the first time since we left GA. It has been over a month since we "saw" his face and even though we lost connection about 10 times I am very thankful for the technology we have and the freedom we have to use it. And thank you, again, to Emily as we are at her house using her computer and internet right now. Rich has our laptop in Iraq with him because he was working on finishing up his masters over this deployment, so we don't currently have a computer at our house. Emily is actually out getting a massage right now so I am here at her house with her 5 month old daughter Clara, and Ava and Raina. (And Sookie. Can't forget their sweet pup.) Fun! Speaking of these precious girls I need to get off the computer as Rae needs a little nap and Clara needs a diaper change.
Until next time...