Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Year Old!!!

Ava's First Birthday Cake (before)

Ava is one year old today (12/22/09)... How can this be!?!? I know it sounds so cliche, but time really has flown by! We had a few people over for dinner tonight and I made an "Applesauce Healthy Cake" topped with some regular frosting for Ava to dig into. (She actually ate A LOT of it as you will see in the video below.) She is really turning into a little girl, not so much a baby anymore. Anyway, so what's going on with Lil A?... She LOVES reading; we can read 7-8 books in a row without her losing interest and she helps me turn the pages. (She is actually "reading" by herself next to me on the floor as I'm typing this, hehe.) We've been down to nursing just once a day for a few days now, and are about to move to every other day.Ava is walking pretty well now. I haven't seen her stand up without pulling up on something, but once she's up she takes off on her own. She is also "talking" a lot more. She definitely says "mama" and is constantly babbling other things. :) She is doing very well with understanding and obeying when we tell her "no." Sometimes she fusses a little when she gets a no, but she rarely pushes to get her way about whatever it is. She loves playing with blocks; the different shaped ones that go into the slots of the top of the container (the one from the "hide the paci" video in an older post), and some stacking and nesting blocks. She likes when I stack them so she can knock them down, and she likes when I help her put all the nesting ones back inside each other.
Anyway, there are a million little new things Ava does almost every day so I won't try to list them all... Here are some videos (everyone's favorite part of this blog, I'm sure). :)

12/19/09 - Walking & "Talking"

12/22/09 - Eating Cake (Part 1)

12/22/09 - Eating Cake (Part 2)

12/22/09 - Walking & Roaring :)

Ava's First Birthday Cake (after) :)