Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Mirror

Ava is really starting to imitate me now. She is really like a little mirror. For example, when either of us have an "uh-oh" moment I often widen my eyes, cover my mouth, and gasp a little... Well she is doing that very same thing now. If she "drops" (aka throws) something off of her highchair she will gasp, cover her mouth with one tiny hand, and look at me with big wide eyes and say "uh-oh!" It's so amazing! And it is showing me quite clearly that she will learn how to react to almost every kind of situation FROM ME... talk about a huge resposibility!

In other news, we have reached another little milestone. For a couple months I have only been giving Ava her paci during naps and bedtime. Well for about the last week, she has been 100% paci-free! She gave it up so much easier than I had anticipated, too! I decided to try it one afternoon for a nap. I needed to take a shower and it was coming up on her usual nap time, so I just put her in her crib with a couple books to see what she'd do. (I pretty much expected her to read her books for a bit and then get fussy when she got tired of them.) Well when I got out of the shower I peeked in on her and she was just lying there (not asleep) kind of talking to herself. So as I got dressed and everything I kept an ear out for her and before I knew it she was asleep! So I tried it for the next nap, and then bedtime, and now here we are - she never even seemed to miss it. I guess she was just"ready" to give it up. And I had been dreading what I thought was going to be a battle to ban the paci!
Well I know I need to get some more videos on here.... I will try to capture some good stuff within the next week or so. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank You!

So like a day or two after my last post about all the things Ava is saying now, she started saying "thank you" a lot. I have been having her feed herself with her own little fork most of the time now but she can't stab the food yet. So I get the food on the fork and put the fork on her high chair tray. She picks it up, eats the food off the fork, and then hands the fork back to me. I always say thank you when she hands it back to me, and she apparently picked up on that. Now she says thank you when she hands the fork back to me... or when she hands a puzzle piece to me, or anything else, hehe. I will try to get it on video soon, maybe tonight. :)