Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Break in the Posting

I obviously had quite a break in posting on my baby blog here. I guess I felt like since I didn't have "babies" anymore there wasn't much to post in the "baby journey" blog. I have done a lot more blogging on my nutritional blog instead which I invite you to check out --HERE. I plan to post soon about the importance of nutrition in pregnancy (and how/which supplements can play an important role in that) on that other blog pretty soon.

I also hope to blog more here through this pregnancy and about Ava and Raina and some of their adventures. Here's one I want to document before I forget...

A few weeks ago the girls and I went to the outdoor chapel here on post where there's a big stone cross and some stone benches to pray, worship, hold miniature services, etc. Ava had been learning all about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus surrounding Easter so when we got to the outdoor chapel area she was talking all about how Jesus died on the cross but then he ROSE! from the grave. After we left the chapel we were driving to a park and passed by a graveyard. She asked what it was so I told her that when people die, sometimes their bodies are buried there in the ground, etc. (I tried to give a good 4 year old explanation of that whole process -?-) So then she asked if she was going to be buried when she died and I told her that her body here on earth might be buried but she would have a new body in heaven with Jesus. She thought that was awesome...
    "I'm gonna have a new body!?"
                    "I wanna have a brown body!"

So funny!

Racism is taught.

Kids are amazing.

Here We Go Again!

Early in January I started a new fitness routine. I was feeling great and working out at home but wanted to go in a different direction with my body and get back in the gym. I started working out hard and heavier, lifting 4 days a week, and following an eating plan that a trainer helped set me up with. LOTS of protein, vegetables, and strategically placed complex carbs. The main goal was to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Well one week I found myself dragging in the gym (and in general) despite my normal sleep, eating, and supplementation habits. And I was starving... for carbs and cheese and everything I don't normally eat. I thought I just had some serious PMS going on but then I finally realized it may be time to take a test (or two).
We are expecting Baby Ezell #3!!! Due date: September 21, 2013
So "operation muscle gain" has turned into "operation muscle sustain" for now. :)

I texted this picture to some of our friends and family and said "Raina has something to show you..." 

We are so excited to be going down this road again. AND we are especially excited that there are no deployments on the calendar for Richard between now and this due date!!! He is missing a month of my first (sick) trimester again, just like with the other two, but I'll take that over missing the birth and newborn days anytime! Speaking of sick, I have had some decent all-day "morning" sickness but compared to both other pregnancies it has been fairly mild. Eating... carbs... constantly seems to help keep the sickness at bay which I suspect has led to a little more first trimester weight gain than really needed but I know I will get back on track very soon. I have been napping with Ava and Raina almost every day, which is fantastic.

I had my 8 week orientation type appointment with a nurse in the OB clinic last Thursday. We covered my medical and pregnancy history and all the basic educational first trimester stuff. I have an appointment with Kyanna, my midwife from both pregnancies here before, on March 11. I am SO looking forward to seeing her again (she's AWESOME) and to hearing a heartbeat and maybe even an early ultrasound! The first trimester feels like 80 years long when you're just feeling crappy and have no tangible proof that there's a healthy growing baby inside. Hearing that heartbeat for the first time is THE best sound that can ever be heard. (And Richard should be back from California by the 10th so hopefully he will be here to go with me.)

Not much else to report for now; just puking, eating, napping, repeat. :)