Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/13/16 - Results of Test

Well I received a call from midwife Janelle Drogowski at 8:30am. My fFN test came back positive. That result plus the bleeding upon check of my cervix on Monday had her concerned and called for further action. She scheduled me for an ultrasound at 12:45pm to further examine the cervix, not just for dilation but also for length. 

So the kids and I headed out for our last Thursday morning Bible study of the semester. My awesome study group of ladies prayed over me and I know they will continue to. I was also able to arrange coverage for the kids so I would not have to take them with me for my afternoon appointments (thank you, Shanna!).

I went for the 12:45 ultrasound and thankfully, the cervix showed long and closed, amniotic fluid levels were good, and Baby was measuring great (about 7 days ahead, actually) at about 3lbs. Baby also showed us he or she is frank breech currently. I saw Dr. Newman (for the first time) after the ultrasound and he was both encouraging and unclear about what exactly is going on and what I need to do.  He said that while a negative test would have been reassuring that I will likely not be going into labor within the next two weeks, a positive test is really not a clear indication that I will. There's just an increased chance.  He said I needed to limit my activity but would not give me very specific guidelines as to what that means. He said that technically, on paper, he should tell me bedrest, but didn't think that was practical for my life and didn't know that it is really even necessary. He did say no exercise or rigorous activity and lifting, but otherwise was about as specific as "Whatever you have been doing or would like to do that you don't HAVE to do, don't do it." He also agreed with Janelle that I should go to labor and delivery triage and get a steroid shot (today and tomorrow) to help accelerate Baby's lung development in case he or she does end up coming early. So I went to the hospital and got the first shot at about 3:15pm. My bp was 109/61. Baby's heart rate 150s. I also registered at the hospital and got a brief labor and delivery tour while I was there, which was great as it's something I needed to do anyway. 

Here's a picture of the monitor for when I was hooked up for a while waiting to get the first steroid shot. Top number is Baby's heart rate, second number is my heart rate, very bottom line is contractions (not having any).

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