Monday, October 10, 2016

10/10/16 - Went in for extra appointment

I called and got an appointment to see my midwife this morning because I've been feeling low back ache, some mild cramping, and a slight change in vaginal discharge. Nothing that would read as textbook signs of preterm labor but enough to have me raising an eyebrow. Just feeling things that I would expect to feel at 35-36 weeks when coming down the home stretch, but not so much at 29 weeks. I was so thankful they were able to get me in right away. Midwife Janelle took a swab for a fetal fibronectin test, which I had never heard of before having never been down this possibly preterm road before. 

Basically, fetal fibronectin (also known as fFN) is a “glue-like” protein that bonds a developing baby to the uterus. Fetal fibronectin is detectable in vaginal secretions in the very beginning of pregnancy, when this bond is first forming, and then again at the end of pregnancy, when your body is getting ready to deliver your baby. fFN is a special protein that literally holds your baby in place in the womb. After the 35th week of pregnancy, it begins to break down naturally, and is detectable. If your body is getting ready to give birth prematurely, fFN may be detected before week 35. If your test result was negative, you can be 99.2% assured that you won't deliver in the next two weeks. A positive test result means your body is leaking fetal fibronectin, a sign that your body may be getting ready to deliver. There is an increased chance that your baby is going to arrive early — but not everyone with a positive test result delivers early. The test can be repeated as often as every two weeks to monitor your ongoing risk.

So, she took the swab to send off for the fFN, and she checked my cervix which she said is "dimpled" (probably from having previous babies) but closed. I had a good bit of bleeding in the couple hours following the cervical check but no cramping or discomfort. 

Baby's heart rate was 140bpm. My blood pressure and weight was good. So now to wait for the fFN test results...

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