Monday, February 23, 2009

Rolling Over

As you can see, Ava is rolling over now! She did it once like 3 or 4 weeks ago but now it's multiple times every day. She goes from tummy to back left and right and is growing stronger each day. Holy cow, I love this little girl!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

6 Weeks

Well Ava will be 6 weeks old tomorrow... I can't believe it! Time is flying! She is really alert when she's awake and is definitely focusing on faces and objects now. Right now she's in her swing just looking all around. :) We are able to video chat with Richard most days, which is very nice. He is still doing well over there and will be coming home for R&R sometime in March. Before he comes I (and Ava and the pups) will be making a trip to Georgia!!! I'm excited about being there but wishing I could teleport rather than drive, hehe. I'm going to stop in Alabama on my way to GA to see some more of Richard's family too.
Anyway, not much else to report... here are a couple recent pictures! :) looking at a ceiling fan

little Alabama fan already :)