Friday, October 21, 2016

10/21/16 - Another appointment

I had an OB appt this morning… My midwife didn't do much in the way of a physical exam but she was happy with what I've been doing/not doing activity wise. She said I can increase my activity around the house a little and really listen to my body, but basically to keep up what I've been doing for another week and then I'll go in for another ultrasound check of cervical length and repeat of the fetal fibronectin test next Thursday. Apparently the results of the fFN don't mean much after 2 weeks and can change with a new swab. I definitely feel encouraged! Baby is still breech, though, so I'm praying for a flip. (The doctor and midwives are not concerned about the breech position at this stage, I just would feel better if that were one less thing to think about right now.)

Also, Dad and Karen are flying in tonight. Their trip has been scheduled for a couple months, but now I'm sure the timing of this visit is NOT a coincidence (thank you, Lord!). 

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