Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GA Trip

Well it has obviously been far too long since my last update, so I have a lot of catching you up to do...

Our trip to GA was great! Ava flew like a champ both ways. It was great to see our families (and many other new things for Lil A). We went to Jordan's basketball game, a couple of Shane's baseball games, the Yellow River Game Ranch, and the park. We saw some horses and played on a playground. It was cool for Ava to finally see so many of the animals we have been reading about and making sounds for. :) She also got to play the piano and drums with Uncle Shane. It was a busy yet relaxing trip. Ava did so awesome despite being out of her usual schedule and surroundings. She played hard, slept great, ate okay (a little struggle with sudden pickiness there for a few days), and overall had a super fun time!