Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week 8

Baby book info update: Our little baby is about the size of a large raspberry now and the lips, nose, eyelids, legs, and back are continuing to take shape. Baby's heart is beating at the amazing rate of 150 times per minute (twice as fast as mine)! He or she is also making spontaneous movements, although too tiny for me to feel yet.
Danelle update: I have still been substitute teaching which is nice for us financially but not so nice for me physically. I'm finishing up the days I'm already scheduled for but am not accepting any new days because right now it is all I can do to make it through a school day (with occasional rushes to the closest restroom). Of course I'm not really "showing" yet, but it is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable to hold my stomach tight or suck in. Right now I'm just praying for the departure of this constant nausea and the arrival of some more energy. I would really like to get back to walking with the pups and doing some weight training but so far that has been pretty much impossible.
Richard update: Marlie (my cousin) and Mike (her husband) were in town last night with their 2 and a half month old daughter, Emma. It was nice to see them and catch up... and it was awesome to see Richard holding her and feeding her a bottle. I could tell he was a little nervous about handling such a tiny, fragile person, but he did great! :) Oh, he is also banned (until further notice) from cooking bacon while I am at home... so if you hear that he is severly injured by me any time soon, you will know why. hehe
That's all for now! I will update next week after my first doctor's appointment!

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