Friday, May 30, 2008

11 Week Appointment

Well I went to the doctor today and saw a really awesome certified nurse/midwife! My uterus is the expected size for 11 weeks and everything else looks good. I was able to hear baby's heartbeat - good and strong at about 170 beats per minute! Wow, what an amazing sound! I so wish Richard had been able to be there to hear it... but he'll hear it next time. :) I have lost some more weight since my last appointment - about 4 more pounds... but the midwife said they're not usually too concerned in the first trimester and that I will probably catch up on my weight gain throughout the rest of the pregnancy.
Good foods: Rice Krispies, Cheerios, ice cream, milk, dried apricots, saltines, lemons
Bad foods: macaroni & cheese, anything heavy
Weight: down 9 pounds from my "normal," 4 pounds since last appointment
Exercise: not much yet - just an occassional walk with the pups when I'm feeling okay
Next Appointment: Thursday, 26 June

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