Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Trip to the Doctor

Appointment: Well my appointment this morning did not entail as much as I thought it would... there was no physical exam of any kind (besides basic height, weight, blood pressure stuff -- and I've actually lost a couple pounds since I was at the doctor for that virus last month). I filled out a bunch of paperwork and then a nurse pretty much just took me through what to expect at my future appointments and gave me a bunch of literature. Then I was sent down to the lab for some blood work. I do have another appointment scheduled already though - May 30 in the afternoon, and this time I should definitely be able to hear a heartbeat! :) Unfortunately, though, Richard will still be in California then. Oh well, there will be plenty more appointments...
Danelle update: I haven't thrown up since Sunday!!! but I have still been feeling all-day queasy. The nurse today sent me to the pharmacy to get some extra Vitamin B6, which is supposed to help... hope so! My appetite has been a little better too, as far as not having as many food aversions and being able to eat a little more balanced and nourishing selection of foods.
Richard update: Richard was able to come with me to my appointment today, which was very nice. It was nice to have him there and for him to get to kind of experience the beginning of the medical side of the process. He leaves Thursday morning for California (boo) so he has been doing some last minute packing and laundry.
That's pretty much it for now... I will update again soon - definitely after my May 30th appointment!

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