Friday, April 15, 2016

Second Test

Richard's company has been doing so well that they earned an extra day off work. (Today.) He was out of town Sunday through Thursday so it was especially nice to have him home today.

We spent an hour plus at the library this morning. The kids LOVE hanging out at the library; choosing books to bring home, reading books while we're there, etc. And I'm working on teaching Ava how to use the online catalogue to look things up and then find them around the library.

Next we went to the exchange for me to get some new tennis shoes. I take great care of my shoes so they all look nice but aren't feeling so nice on the inside anymore. It's hard for me to let them go when they still look like they're in good shape, but my feet had been bothering me a little so it was time.

Then we all went through the commissary. We needed a few staple groceries AND we wanted to pick up another pregnancy test. Once we got home I got the kids situated with lunch and then went to do the test. I set a timer for Richard and told him to go read the results when it was time. I stood back a ways behind him and watched his face in the mirror as he read the results. He looked at me in the mirror and shook his head with a smile and said "Welp, it's negative." I could tell he was kidding and he quickly confirmed that it was indeed positive. We laid down on the bed together for moment and talked through the "holy cow" and "we totally got this" feelings.

We're really pregnant! Baby number FOUR is on the way!

Oh my. What if it's twins… ?????

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