Thursday, April 21, 2016

First Visit to the Clinic

The clinic on base here provides only basic doctor's office type care, so for pregnancy related things they just confirm pregnancy at the lab and then put in a referral for you to get off base care. Tuesday morning I did a walk-in to get a "pregnancy screening" where I filled out a couple papers and went to the lab for a blood test. I was not able to stay for hour it would take to process the test and get called back again to start the referral paperwork, but I did get a call in the afternoon to confirm that the blood test showed POSITIVE. I went in yesterday to do the referral part but the computer systems were down so they couldn't do anything. So, this morning I went in again and finally got the necessary stuff done to set up care. Based on reviews from a local Air Force wives Facebook page I chose a provider that has 3 midwives and 1 doctor, so hopefully it will go well there. I also learned today that TriCare covers breast pumps now, so I may actually get a good one and have the option to pump and store.

So far I am feeling great. A little more tired and more hungry, but overall good. I am drinking water as much as possible and am eating often. As sick as I was in the first trimester of my other pregnancies I am trying to "stay ahead of it" as much as is possible. I have also been specifically praying to remain morning sickness free and feel good this pregnancy. I mean, why wouldn't I ask the almighty powerful God of the universe for something so simple? My skin is also improving and I had an acquaintance tell me Sunday night that I looked "radiant," so hopefully the "pregnancy glow"will apply this pregnancy.

At the clinic my temp was 98.1, my blood pressure was 108/66, and my resting heart rate was 75bpm.

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