Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Visit from Mom/Mimi

My mom flew in from GA this afternoon, arriving around 12:45pm. We pretty much went straight home from the airport to let Cade recharge with a quick nap before heading to the zoo for the late afternoon/early evening. I was dying to tell her our pregnancy news but wanted to wait until we were with Richard too. So when we got home in the evening…

Richard and I were talking in the desk area and called Mom over to have a "scheduling meeting" for the next day. I told her "Tomorrow morning we need to leave for Bible study at 9am. Richard may have to leave early so do you think you could watch the kids while I run over to the clinic on base? I need to get a referral because they don't handle any kind of obstetrics, prenatal care, or labor and delivery on base." She just stared at me for a second and said "What are you telling me?" Then it kind of dawned on her and she held up 4 fingers and mouthed "Four?" with a question mark in her face. (The kids were definitely within earshot.) **Yes, four!**

Man, it was hard to keep that secret for about 6 hours of her being here!

We haven't told the kids yet as it's still really early, but I'm already thinking of how we might tell them. :)

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