Thursday, February 24, 2011

37 Weeks... Baby on the Way?

I had my 37 week OB appointment today and... oh boy...

I saw one of the doctors I hadn't yet seen this morning. I liked her a lot. My bp was 110/70, I have gained about 29-30 pounds, and I measured 37 cm (which corresponds perfectly with the 37 weeks I am). The doctor checked me and said I am a "loose 1," closer to 2, cm dilated and 50% effaced and had a decent bit of bloody show. Having changed that much since last week, having more Braxton Hicks contractions, having that much show, and this being my second baby, she said she would be very surprised if I made it another 2 weeks and that I probably won't even need another appointment next week. !!! -->Let me mention here that I have not been walking, have only exercised twice in the last week (stationary strength training stuff only), and have been napping and/or at least resting and overall taking it easy every day. Basically, I have not been doing anything to intentionally help this process along.<-- Anyway, I had a lot more show in the hours following my exam this morning, still have some now, and have been having more contractions as well. The contractions are still not painful, they feel more like just pressure, but I am trying to pay attention to them more now and take note of their timing. I packed my bag and finished getting Ava's stuff together when I got home and then took about an hour nap. I am working on who I need to contact who can get in touch with someone in Iraq so Richard can get on Skype and "be there" for the birth via video chat at least this time if Baby Girl really does come before he gets here.

Either way, whether Richard is here or not, I feel as prepared as possible and overall ready to go. "Dear Lord, please give me the strength to get through whatever happens whenever it happens. Please protect Baby Girl and deliver her safely and in good health. Be with Ava and her little heart and mind as we go through all these changes and make adjustments. Thank you, Lord, for your everlasting love! Amen."

37 weeks picture

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Jamie said...

That's awesome! I'm so excited for you!! I'll be praying that things go as smoothly as possible.