Friday, February 11, 2011

35 Weeks Picture

I'm not positive, but I think Baby Girl is head up right now. I have an OB appointment next Thursday so we'll see what the doctor says then. I would of course like to avoid a c-section but I would also like to avoid an ECV (external cephalic version) where they would try to actually turn her from the outside. I went to the chiropractor today and was more out of whack than I thought, so I'm hoping that getting my own body in better condition and alignment will help Baby get her little body in the right position too. If, on Thursday, the doctor determines that Baby is breech for sure then I will go back to the chiropractor on Friday to try a few things with her that she has had success with in the past in getting babies to turn.

Anyway, here's my 35 week picture. I will definitely update here again next week after my appointment Thursday.

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