Thursday, February 17, 2011

36 Week OB Appointment

Well I went this morning for my 36 week appointment and all is well. The doctor checked me and said my cervix is still closed (yay!) but that he could feel Baby's head (double yay!). So she is head down for sure and I am not currently on the verge of going into labor or anything, so I am breathing big sighs of relief about that. (Still praying that the timing of Richard's R&R works out just right and he is here for the birthday!) My bp is good, Baby's heartrate is good, I have gained about 27 pounds now, and... well that's pretty much it. Smooth, routine, normal, etc. -- all very good adjectives I want to have associated with a pregnancy. I have another appointment next Thursday so I will update with what's happening and a new picture then.

In other wonderful updates, I got Ava registered at a daycare center this week to use for some random hourly care. It is just a couple minutes away from Mom's house so it is super convenient too. Anyway, she was there for four hours today while I ate breakfast, went for my appointment, did some shopping, put air in my tires, and picked up lunch. It was so awesome/weird to be totally by myself for that long! (It's been a while.) When I picked her up the ladies said she was wonderful; listened and followed directions well, played nicely with the other kids, was helpful, etc. That's my girl! :)

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Jamie said...

Great! I'm happy that today was a such a great appointment for you! Hope things continue to progress that way, I will be praying that they do. :-)