Friday, December 3, 2010

Pregnancy Questions

How Far Along?
25 weeks
Maternity Clothes?
I'm definitely in maternity pants now, but mostly regular shirts (that are longer) still.
Stretch marks?
I get up multiple times a night to visit the bathroom but other than that I'm still able to get comfortable and am sleeping pretty well.
Best Moment This Month:
Seeing the baby so healthy on the ultrasound yesterday and finding out that my placenta is up and out of the way now!
Baby Girl is super active. She moves often and forcefully. :)
Food Cravings?
Lately I have been wanting anything and everything sweet and/or chocolate.
Labor Signs?
None but I have been having plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions.
Belly Button In or Out?
Well... it's kind of in or flat on the bottom and out on the top. hehe
Wedding Rings On or Off?
I have been mostly walking and doing some light free weights lately. I miss my kick butt workouts but don't have the stamina for them anymore.
What I Miss:
Sleeping on my stomach and feeling really athletic.
What I am Looking Forward to:
Getting into the 3rd trimester.
At my appointment yesterday the nurse practitioner told me with the baby weighing about 1.8 lbs and being healthy, she would most likely be able to survive even now if there was some kind of emergency that required an early delivery.

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