Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ava's Birthday & 28 Weeks

Ava had a GrEaT second birthday. She had a wonderful day and got some fun new toys. Her favorites include a tent with a crawl through tunnel attached (she already slept in it last night), a train set, and some cars. She helped me make the same "Applesauce Healthy Cake" that I made last year for her birthday and it was quite delicious again. Along with this wonderful two year milestone, however, has come a "no" phase that is driving me crazy. Sweet little Ava is getting quite a few "booty pops" each day to help her adjust her attitude. She knows exactly what she's doing, understands exactly what I tell her, and is responding well to discipline. It's just exhausting to be calm and consistent all day every day. (I'm sure any good mom with a toddler can relate.) Sometimes I just wanna check out and say go ahead and throw yourself on the floor screaming no, I don't care. :)

I am 28 weeks pregnant today and had an OB appointment yesterday. Baby Girl sounds great on the doppler with a heartrate of about 150 bpm. She is moving all the time. My belly is measuring on track for the number of weeks along, my blood pressures are great (100/70), and I have gained about 20 pounds. I did my glucose test also and will be receiving the results in the mail. I am feeling really good aside from one varicose vein starting to come out on one leg. I didn't have any with Ava, so this is a new "problem," but it really only bothers me if I'm on my feet all day without resting and elevating my legs. I'm trying to exercise (walking and some light weights), drink tons of water, and put my feet up a few times per day. I've also been going to a chiropractor, which is so amazing and helpful, and makes me wish I had found a place in Kansas to go through my pregnancy with Ava. I've gone throughout my life but I think it's especially important to keep healthy and in proper alignment during the major body changes pregnancy brings.

Anyway, that's pretty much it I guess. I will try to post a couple Ava birthday pics later.

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