Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big Girl, Ava!

Quick little update:

Ava has been staying dry through the night almost every night for about 2 weeks now. She has only had one accident in that time. We should be saying goodbye to the overnight pull-ups in the next month or so --- before the next baby arrives along with lots of tiny diapers! Woohoo!

Ava has also been pretty interested in babies lately. She has a little doll house with different furniture and people including a baby with a stroller and a crib. She pushes the baby all around in the stroller or she tucks the baby in the crib with a blanket and says "Shhh, baby's sleeping." (She's really learning how to pretend, it's so cute!) I got her a baby doll that has an extra change of clothes and a pacifier for Christmas. (I had her play with a few different ones at the store to help me make my choice.) We were watching TV yesterday and A Baby Story came on TLC. She was watching so intently and kept saying "baby!" every time they showed one. I know she's going to be awesome with Baby Girl #2 (whom we are working on naming, by the way).

I will probably post a new preggo picture tomorrow sometime.

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