Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well she ended up being fashionably late but she is here! At 3:14am on Monday, December 22nd, Ava Renee Ezell was born weighing 7 lbs 10.4 oz and measuring 19 inches long. For a little while it was looking like c-section was a possibility as her head was tilted just slightly, not allowing her to decend down the birth canal. I spent 4-5 hours at 9+ centimeters dilated and was given pitocin to help bring the contractions to bring her out. Finally I reached 10 centimeters and she was out in 4 contractions worth of pushing. I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly amazing the whole process was, early pregnancy through delivery. I wouldn't trade the worst day of morning sickness or strongest, longest contraction for this amazing baby girl. Richard called me around 7:30pm Sunday while I was in serious labor... not even sure what we said to each other but I was very emotional for sure... and then he was able to call again later in the afternoon on Monday and hear all about his daughter. Tuesday night he called and I put the phone on speaker between Ava and me. She got to hear his voice and he got to hear her cry. I cannot wait to see him see her for the first time... wow. Well here are a few pictures. Thank you all for your love and support throughout this amazing journey to Ava's new life. :)


Christy said...

Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!! Now you have the best present ever. So glad that Ava is here and all is well- wish we could give her a squeeze. Pam and Maddison said to tell you congrats!
Merry Christmas!
Christy Tapp

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and I love her already! Truly the best gift ever, for all of us. A Christmas blessing, indeed. Love, Beverly