Thursday, December 11, 2008

38 and 4

38 weeks and 4 days down... any day now... I had an appointment with Kyanna this morning and everything looks and sounds great as usual. I am still measuring small (about 36 weeks today) but as you know from earlier posts that apparently doesn't mean much for me. Baby's heartrate was around 150 bpm. I have gained exactly 30 pounds from my pre-pregnancy normal, and my blood pressures are looking great. Kyanna checked my cervix again today and said I am still around 1cm dilated but about 80% effaced now. So, things are still progressing in spite of my lack of physical activity in attempt to stall for Mom and Shane's arrival on Monday, hehe. I hope I can hold out just a few more days! So, I've been pretty much just taking it easy. I haven't been walking the pups - I take them to the park and play fetch to get them some exercise. I have been taking daily naps. I am even getting a massage tomorrow! Anyway, here is my 38 weeks picture. Also, if I have not gone into labor in the next week, I have another appointment with Kyanna next Thursday. Hopefully I will not need that appointment. :)

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