Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to "Normal" & Potty News

We took Richard back to the airport on Tuesday. It was hard. It's always hard. But we're in a good place right now and I have a feeling time is about to fly by for all of us. So it's back to "normal" now, which means video chats, extended family, the girls and me, play dates, etc. I got an email from Richard today saying he is back at his post and settling in again. The girls and I went to a neighborhood play group yesterday, which was good for Ava and for me. Today I am trying to find space for all Raina's clothes, toys, baby gear, etc, AND replace my fall/winter clothes with my spring/summer clothes as it has been so nice here. It will feel good to get everything organized but it's kind of a slow process right now.

In other WONDERFUL news, Ava just went potty all by herself about five minutes ago! She has been potty trained for a long time now but she hasn't been coordinated/strong enough to pull her pants and panties up and down by herself. Well just now she went in the bathroom, put the toilet lid up, pulled her little step in front of the potty, got on the step, pulled her pants down, sat down and scooted back, peed, got some toilet paper, wiped, pulled her pants back up, put the step away, put the lid down, and flushed the potty... by herself!!! Her pants are a little crooked and her panties may or may not be pulled all the way up under those pants, but we are definitely getting somewhere!!!

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