Friday, March 4, 2011

38 Week Pic & Update

I have been feeling a little crampy, am starting to notice the Braxton Hicks contractions more again, and my back has been hurting the last couple days. But... so far I am still pregnant! I went to the chiropractor today and have been doing ice and heat, which should help with the back issue. I have found that activity -as in doing anything- leads to more contracting but that there's not much going on when I'm literally just lying down resting. So I am putting myself pretty much on bed rest until Richard gets here. Good thing it's the weekend and Mom and Kev are around to help with Lil A! And speaking of Richard, he is on his way here! It will probably still be a couple/few days before he gets here but the traveling process has started. Woohoo! Dear Lord, please grant him safe and quick travels and Baby Girl a few more days stay in my belly!

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