Friday, March 4, 2011

Ava's Speech Update

Since my last post, Ava's stuttering got dramatically worse. At one point Monday night she came to me almost crying unable to say something. She put her forehead to mine and her hand on my cheek and tried to whisper what she was trying to say and it still wouldn't come out. She was so sweet and her getting upset totally broke my heart so we ended up both crying together for a few minutes. After that she didn't want to even try to give me one word answers to questions. (This is the girl who normally has whole conversations with herself and others.) The next morning (Tuesday) she seemed a little better but got really stuck again that afternoon. Mom came home from work and I was crying and had just put Ava down for a nap. I told her what was going on and she suggested we go ahead and take her to the pediatrician for my own peace of mind and so I would have the referral to take the next step if we needed/wanted to do so while Richard is here on R&R. So we took her in right then and the doctor told us all the same stuff I had already read. She said they really don't worry about stuttering until kids are school age and that they can go through phases where they are just on information overload and have a hard time getting their words out. That explanation makes sense to me and doesn't at the same time. Like why would Ava all of a sudden have a hard time saying "Thank you" when she's been saying that for literally like a year now? This is the girl who had like 50+ words at 18 months! Anyway, the doctor also said (to my relief) that if Ava had some kind of neurological issue she would have other things going on too, like physical and other delays, which she definitely does not. So I have the referral for a speech therapist if we decide we need to go that route. However...

Literally the day after going to the doctor (Wednesday), Ava woke up talking SO much better; like back to the level of the first day I noticed a little weirdness but hadn't really thought anything of it. She has been a little bit up and down yesterday and today but overall is miraculously better. (No crying or getting totally stuck.) Her spirits are back to normal too. She isn't anxious about attempting to say things and is chattering up a storm like her usual little self.

All I can really say is Praise the Lord! I don't think I have prayed so long/hard/fervently about anything ever. (The mother bear instinct thing is for real! It is SO hard to see your child distressed or struggling and still so tender and vulnerable.) The last week and a half in general has been probably the hardest most stressful time of my life. I literally have NO control of anything that is happening (Richard's arrival time, Baby Girl's arrival time, Ava's speech, etc) so I have had no choice but to cling to Jesus. It has been very good for me spiritually but taxing emotionally and physically.

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