Monday, August 9, 2010

First Appointment

Well I had my first appointment at the OB clinic today. I filled out tons of paperwork (personal info, medical history, etc), got some informational papers and a booklet about how things will go throughout my pregnancy at the hospital here, got my baseline height and blood pressure, and did my initial blood tests and urinalysis. My due date is March 17, just as I had already calculated.

I will have my first appointment with my midwife August 30, at which time she will do a physical exam and use the doppler to hear Baby's heartbeat! That's the appointment I'm looking forward to, although I'm a little bummed that Richard is going to miss hearing the heartbeat for the first time. (He missed that with Ava too.) He'll be at a month long training out of state in preparation for this next deployment. I'm really hoping he will be here for the ultrasound appointment around 20 weeks!

I've been feeling a lot better. I feel mostly normal in the morning, start getting a little queasy in the afternoon, and often feel the worst at night. But I've found that if I keep eating... constantly... and never let my stomach get empty, it's much more tolerable.

Obviously, since you're reading this right now, this whole thing is not a big secret. However, we're not quite going facebook public yet, so thanks for keeping any pregnancy comments off my wall, hehe. I guess that's about it for now. I will definitely update again on the 30th if not before. And I have some video of Ava that I need to get on here. :)


seckinger45 said...

I'm soooooo excited!!! This is such a blessing :) Love u guys!

Anonymous said...

OMGsh!!! Congrats!!!!!!! I was just thinking about yall recently and was wondering when y'all would have the next one... YAY!

Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

oh.. this is Lindsey, by the way. :)

Ashley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I had no idea...SUPER EXCITED for your growing family!! Love you, heff!!