Monday, August 16, 2010

ER Trip With a Silver Lining

So I've talked some about my nausea in previous posts. I said that it was definitely present and annoying but not debilitating and not constant puking. When I did throw up I would feel a little better and would be able to eat again. Well... as of Saturday morning all of that changed. I didn't keep down anything I ate all day. I slept literally half the day with no energy to function. (Thank goodness it was the weekend and Richard was home.) Sunday morning God granted me a reprieve just long enough to sing at church and then it was back to throwing up the rest of the day. Richard left for JRTC (for a month) at 4am today. I got up when he did so I could eat a snack and see him off. Well about 20 minutes after getting back in bed I lost that aforementioned snack. Breakfast and morning snack went the same way. I turned on a DVD for Ava and went back to bed. At this point I was feeling exhausted and achy on top of the nausea. Finally I called my friend Anne-Marie to come and get Ava. She took her for the day to play with her son, Carter. I slept a lot more and tried nursing down some chicken broth, crackers, and Powerade Zero with some success for a little while but then it all came back up again. Finally I decided I needed some help so I went to the Emergency Room (6:45pm at this point). The doctor said I was not deathly dehydrated to where he would demand that I get IV fluids but that I could definitely benefit from them, so that's what I did. After about an hour of IV fluids and some Zofran I felt much better. During the IV process the nurse came in with an ultrasound machine to see if she could check out Baby. (This was totally unexpected as I am only 9 weeks and 4 days along and they practically never do "unnecessary" ultrasounds at this hospital.) Well it was awesome. The picture was not clear at all and the nurse's sleeve was blocking my view half the time but I got to see Baby's little flutter of a heartbeat! 136 beats per minute. And to top it all off, Richard called to check in while I was there and I got to fill him in on everything. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the last month of this trimester without him but I'm taking it one day at a time. And I've got awesome girlfriends around who are always willing to help. In fact, my BFF and college roommate Meredith is flying in tomorrow afternoon! This trip was planned before I even knew I was pregnant but now it's as though God knew I would need a little extra help with Richard gone. :)

So now I am home and am about to attempt to eat some cereal or something. My neighbor Emily took BB and Pancake to her house to play with their dog Sookie while I was at the hospital. They are worn out now. :) Ava had an absolutely awesome day at Anne-Marie's house and is spending the night there. All I have left to do is rest and recover. It's weird and quiet without Richard and Ava here.

Anyway, despite the obvious yuckiness of the past couple days I have experienced blessings as well. I know the Lord will provide for my ever-changing needs. I am so thankful for my friends. I so love my husband and am looking forward to our family time when he gets home before the deployment. I love my sweet girl Ava and can't wait to see her tomorrow!


Danielle said...

I went through the same thing twice while I was pregnant with Clayton and it was NO fun. I'll be praying that the sickness ends for you soon and I hope you start feeling better but I am so glad you have close friends near by to help you!

Rachel Layfield said...

You are pregnant!? YAY!!! So exciting...and did I see that Richard is deploying again? Girl, you amaze me!! And by the way, that same thing happened to me too, while Weston was gone. I guess He just prepares us for the tougher times;)