Thursday, June 26, 2008

Active Baby!

Well I just got home from my appointment and am so happy and excited! My appointment was at 11:00 and Richard wasn't able to leave work until 11 (about a 10-15 minute drive), so I thought he might miss hearing the heartbeat again. I was called back to a room pretty quickly and I told my midwife that Richard was on his way and should be there any minute. She was totally cool about it and said we could just chat for a bit until he got there. So once he arrived we listened to the heartbeat. It was about 154 bpm this time and the midwife had to keep moving the doppler around to keep it on our active little one. We could hear the swishing sounds of him/her moving around and even a couple little thuds from punches or kicks, which I can't even feel yet. It was sooo amazing, and I was sooo glad Richard was able to be there! I've gained about 3 pounds back since my last appointment and my midwife says she is not concerned at all about me gaining enough weight throughout the pregnancy, so that was a relief. I just need to keep eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I'm starting to grow outward a little more now too - the capris I'm wearing (which are usually loose in the waist) are not so comfortable anymore, especially when I'm sitting down. I'll probably put up another post with a picture when I hit 15 or 16 weeks. :) Anyway, my next regular appointment is scheduled for July 23, and I also need to call today to schedule an ultrasound (around the 20 week mark). I'm so excited and feel so incredibly blessed!!!

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