Sunday, June 15, 2008

13 Weeks and Feeling Great!

Okay, so I have been feeling almost normal for a whole week now!!! It's like as soon as I hit 12 weeks the nausea disappeared, thank the Lord! I have been eating regular foods and a wide variety (even pizza, Chinese, and ball park food!). Now that the rough part is over (I hope) I am more excited than ever. Richard got home from California late Thursday night and we went for a nice long walk with the pups yesterday. It felt good to get out and get moving again. I am hoping to start a little exercise routine now to firm up again and prepare my body as much as possible for the latter stages of pregnancy and delivery. Tonight we went to a minor league baseball game - it felt so wonderful to do something normal and get out of the house feeling good! I've added a picture here... not a big bump yet but starting to show a little! Anyway, I probably won't update this again until after my June 26th appointment, so until then... :)

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