Sunday, January 9, 2011

Panties Only for Lil A!

Ava is officially wearing panties only (no pull-ups) day and night! She has been in panties during the day since she was 18 months old but we were still using pull-ups at night just in case. She's been staying dry through the night the majority of the time for the past couple months so for last 2 nights I had her wear panties and she had no problem. (Last night she slept from about 10pm to about 7:45am. Awesome!) This means I will be diaper/pull-up free for a good 2 months or so before Baby Girl #2 arrives! Woohoo!

Speaking of Baby Girl #2, we are still working on a name. We have a pretty good list compiled and are trying to narrow it down to a few favorites to choose from. Baby is super active and I am still feeling really good. Oh! I got a double jogging stroller on craigslist this past week. It was new, never used, and very reasonably priced. And it is one SwEeT ride. I'll be using it with just Ava for now but can't wait to add the other sweet girl!

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