Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Settling In

Well it's official: I "live" in GA again... at least for a while. Ava (and the pups) and I are staying with my mom for this deployment. So far the adjustment has gone quite well. Ava is a little more clingy ("Where'd Mama go?" every time I leave the room) as I am now her only real constant, but that's to be expected. We've had so much fun already. Ava plays Shane's drums and the piano all the time and we've played outside a lot, taking advantage of the beautiful days we still have left before the "cold" really hits. She LOVES going to the playground, particularly because she likes to swing. Like, she'll go down the slide once or twice and want to swing the whole rest of the time. BB, Pancake, and Roman are having a blast together. I'm singing in the choir at Mom's church, which is something I didn't really realize I've missed. I enjoy actually reading music and blending with many other parts, etc. I've also been making a conscious effort to eat well and get plenty of rest/sleep. I've been napping with Ava almost every day since we've been here, so that's been nice. Baby Girl has been moving A LOT. I really am going to post an0ther pregnancy picture. I just keep forgetting to get Mom or Shane to take a picture of me. I went to a new Primary Care Manager yesterday to get a referral to an OB/GYN so hopefully I will be able to get an appointment soon to stay on track with my every 4 weeks appointments that I've had thus far. I'm anxious to see the results from a repeat sonogram in a few weeks; hoping my placenta is moving up a little each day!
I just got off the phone with Richard and he is doing well. He is settled in where he's going to be for the year so now he will just be getting into a regular work routine as the rest of the unit arrives.
I'll update again as soon as I have a new picture or anything else interesting to post!

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Katy said...

need to see you now that you're in GA!