Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Sleeping Arrangement

Quick Ava update:

Last night was Ava's first night out of her crib. We took the crib down and put the mattress on the floor where the crib was. She did great! She went right to sleep and didn't get up at all until the morning. It was nice for her to be able to come and get me this morning instead of yelling "Potty!" from her crib, hehe. She did great at nap time too. Went right to sleep and stayed put until time to get up. Hooray for a smooth transition (so far)!

Right now Ava and Richard are reading a couple books together before bed. She still LOVES reading as much as ever, probably more. She's such a sweet, smart girl. :) And I love to see her and Richard spending good quality time together, especially in these last couple weeks before he leaves for another year. :( It's going to be really hard to see him leave her this time. I am NOT looking forward to that, but I know the Lord will provide the strength I need when the time comes.

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