Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Another Ava & Baby Update

Ava is still doing great with her mattress on the floor. However, we're starting to see what time she really wakes up. While in her crib she would have to stay there and play and talk to herself until I got up around 8am. Now she gets up to play and talk to me (and Richard if he's home) closer to 7am. She comes walking into our room saying "Mama? Dadda? Wake up, Mama!" Then when she sees me open my eyes she says "Mamaaa!!! Hello, Mama!" Then it's on to "Potty. Juice please. Breakfast?" etc... Oh man, I love that little girl.

Not a whole lot to mention on the pregnancy right now. I've been feeling him/her move a lot the last couple weeks and those little flutters are getting stronger and stronger, so that's cool. I have an appointment with my midwife and an ultrasound on Monday next week. Richard will already be on his way to Iraq, so it stinks that he will miss that, but he should be able to call me sometime that day and find out if we're expecting a boy or a girl. He keeps warning me that I better not try to be funny and not tell him or something, hehe. Of course I'll tell him! But for anyone else anxious to know, sorry but I'm not telling until Richard calls me and gets to know first. :)

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