Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Changes on the Horizon (Maybe)

First of all, there is nothing much new to report on the baby/pregnancy right now. I am starting to feel a little bigger and, while I am still wearing all my normal clothes, I definitely have to unbutton my pants most times I sit down. I feel pretty good and almost always hungry. (Hope I haven't gained too much weight in these last 4 weeks, hehe!) I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow and will update again after that. (Oh, and I haven't taken any belly pictures yet... guess I should do that soon as well.)

Ava is doing great. GREAT. She is getting so big and SO smart. I think we could read literally all day. She is learning the ABC song (she loves to sing) and is getting better at her colors. We have started talking about the new baby a little bit. I don't expect her to really understand yet, of course, so it's mostly like "You have to be very careful and gentle around Mama's belly cuz there's a baby in there." Then she touches my belly gently and says baby. She gets kind of rough sometimes climbing on me so we're trying to make her more aware.

In other news, the title of this post refers to the possibility of me, Ava, BB, Pancake, and Baby #2 (in utero) moving to GA for this coming deployment. I already had one baby with no husband and no family around for most of the time and would rather not do that again with a toddler in the picture too. Our families have already missed so much of Ava's life! I would love for her to know them and for Baby to be around them as well. So we are really praying about, researching, and comparing all of our options and plan to decide for sure sometime this week.

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Sharon said...

Hi, I was just looking around and found your blog. Congrats on a new baby. I gathered your husband is in the military and deployed. My son and son-in-law are in the military as well but as of right now both stateside. You mentioned about having a baby near family. Our daughter moved in with us when she had #2 and her husband was in Iraq. It was just about the most wonderful thing for both grandmas and 4 aunts. We were all in the delivery room and her mother-in-law cut the cord in Daddy's place. Plus the hospital bent over backwards to make things perfect since Daddy was in Iraq. Daddy met his little girl at 6 months. She is now 3 with big brother 6 and another baby sister at 9 months. Turned out to be a great experience except I am sure my daughter would have liked to have Daddy there. She knew with the military things like that are going to happen. Good Luck with all.