Tuesday, September 28, 2010

16 Week Appointment

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and all is well. My weight, blood pressures, etc are great, and Baby's heart rate was at 155 bpm. After the appointment I had some bloodwork done and went down to the ultrasound department to get that scheduled. They don't do the main measure-and-check-everything-and-find-out-the-sex ultrasound here until 21 weeks now, which would be November 4th for me, but Richard will be in Iraq by then. So, we pleaded with the main tech there to please please schedule me for just before he leaves! Since it'll be a little earlier than 20 weeks she's not sure she will be able to see everything she needs to see (for whatever the doctor or radiologist wants to have measured and recorded) but she's going to try, and we should be able to see everything we want to see (boy or girl!?). So my next OB appointment and the ultrasound appointment will both be on Monday, October 25. Woohoo! That's really all for now. I'm going to have Richard take a belly picture of me later this week. :)

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