Friday, March 6, 2009

GA Trip

Well Ava and I have been some busy girls the last couple weeks. We have seen/met so many people! It has been so good to see family and reconnect with some old friends. Shane's baseball schedule changed a couple times so we're still in GA right now (definitely wanted to see him play before we left). We'll watch him play a double header tonight and then leave for Kansas tomorrow. Ava is still riding very well in the truck. She usually rides happily for a little while and then just goes to sleep. I hope the trip home to KS will be as "easy" as the trip was coming here. (BB and Pancake ride pretty well too - once they realize we're not stopping for a while they just go to sleep like Ava.)
Ava is smiling so much now! Some are small short ones and some are big gummy long ones. :) I captured a couple little ones in this video. She is really looking at things intentionally now too. I have some little brightly colored animal hand puppets that I use to play with her and she turns her head and focuses on whichever one I'm moving at the time (and sometimes smiles at them too, hehe). She's so alert! This wonderful little girl is still rolling over too; just did earlier this morning. I don't think it will be long before she's going from back to tummy. Oh yeah, one other discovery Ava has made is her tongue. She is constantly moving it around and sticking it in and out of her mouth. Sometimes she "talks" during the tongue exercises (coos and ahs). Thank goodness for all the bibs she has - she is a drooling machine now! :)
Well that's it for now. Richard will be home on R&R sometime in the next couple weeks!!! Next post will probably include pictures of him meeting Ava. :) Can't wait!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh!! She is smiling,at her Mama, she loves so much! Ava is precious. Love, Grand Aunt Beverly

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!

Glad you made it home ok!!
Love you girls!!