Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Started Classes!

Me: Well I am about 33 1/2 weeks now and am still feeling mostly good. I've had a hard time sleeping over the last week and my back is hurting more than it has before, but overall I'm okay. Last night I started Childbirth Classes! It will be 2 hours every Tuesday night for 4 weeks. It's less Lamaze-oriented and more educational as far as covering everything you might can expect from things that may happen in the last few weeks to positions you can try throughout labor. There were about 10 couples in the class and then one other lady whose husband is deployed too. She and I have actually met and spoken a couple times at the dog park, so we're going to hang together without our husbands and be each others' class partners. :)
Pups: I had a few friends over Monday night and one lady has a 5 month old little boy. She laid him on the floor and BB and Pancake were so gentle with and curious about him. They sniffed and gave kisses without getting too rough or playful and weren't scared at all (and they didn't scare him either, hehe). BB would kind of jump back when he would kick his feet suddenly or make a strange noise, but she was more startled than afraid.
Daddy: Richard and I have been talking via instant messenger online every couple days or so. It's hard with the time difference (which was 8 hrs but is now 9 hrs since they do not observe the Daylight Savings nonsense). For instance, we talked last night at 11pm my time right before I went to bed and it was 8am his time and he was about to go eat breakfast. Anyway, he is really excited about becoming a dad in just a few weeks! It's so awesome... I can't wait to send him pictures and do online video chats.
Well that's pretty much it for now. My next midwife appointment is November 13, so I will update then!

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