Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a Little Bump in the Road

First of all, here's my picture from this past weekend - right at a full 34 weeks! Still growing and growing! I figured out how to set the timer on my camera so I can take pictures of myself, so I will probably be doing that every week now that we're coming down the home stretch. :)
I had an appointment with my midwife today and my weight is up again (about 30 lbs total now) but I'm measuring a little small. I'm about 34 1/2 weeks but I'm measuring more like 31, which is not terrible but is a little more variation than she would like to see. She said the small measurement could be simply explained by Baby's position (which seems to be pretty low) and the fact that I'm a decently tall and non-petite gal. But, she ordered another glucose test and an ultrasound to see exactly what's going on. I did the glucose test right after my appointment today and scheduled an ultrasound for next Thursday morning (the soonest they could fit me in). Then I went back up for a non-stress test where I was basically just lying there for 20 minutes with monitors on to track Baby's heartrate to make sure it was going up and down normally. It stayed around 137-140 when she was still and would go up to the low 150s when she would move around, which is exactly what is supposed to happen. Then a doctor used an ultrasound-type machine to check the amniotic fluid level and that looks great as well. So... while we're waiting for the results of the glucose test and ultrasound, I will have two more non-stress tests next week. Aside from all that, I am still feeling pretty good (except for some back aches) and am still staying active substituting and walking with the pups at least 30 minutes each day. Baby has also been very active and she is definitely head down and pretty low right now. I will keep you all updated with everything I find out from my up-coming tests and appointments. Keep us in your prayers, please!

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Anonymous said...

I am believing that everything will be ok. You and baby are in my prayers. xo
Love you