Thursday, October 16, 2008

30 Week Appointment

Well I just got home from seeing my midwife and everything looks great as usual. My glucose testing results were good (which I knew from the "no news is good news" policy) and my uterus is measuring about the right size for how far along I am. My blood pressure is good, my weight gain is good (another 4 lbs since last appointment) and I'm feeling great! Baby's heart rate was at about 140 bpm today and she seems to be head down. And no stretch marks so far! I am so excited to meet this little girl! I already love her so much! Oh, and I went to a breastfeeding class yesterday. It was very informative and will hopefully help me get off to a great start when Baby arrives.

Daddy update: Richard left Sunday. He called me Monday from Germany and said they were just waiting to fly out again for Kuwait. They're in Kuwait now and will be for about a week and half or two before they go to Iraq for the duration of the 12 months. It feels weird but is settling into a new kind of normal already without him here. I'm so glad to have BB and Pancake around - we play, go for walks (which I need to be doing anyway), go to the park, etc. And of course I have plenty of awesome and supportive ladies around who are in the same boat as me.

Well, here's a "goodbye kiss for baby" picture. Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well with you and baby girl! Such a sweet pic. Love you lots!!